How to tell your crush how you feel without actually “telling” her

You’ve met the girl of your dreams, you’ve developed feelings for her, and she has no idea how you feel. This happens time and time again and different people approach it in different ways. So what is the best way to let your crush know how you feel without actually saying it? Sometimes actions speak louder than words, in which case, you won’t even need to say anything to get your point across.

How to tell your crush how you feel without actually “telling” her

Social media is your friend

If you’ve had a crush before and you professed your love for a girl and she shot you down, then you’ll be very apprehensive in doing that again. No one wants to feel rejected when they confess their feelings to someone. But if you keep quiet, how will they ever know you have feelings for them? This day and age dating is completely different from what it used to be a decade ago, with internet dating and social media booming. It’s much easier to send a text or an emoji to say something that you might otherwise be too embarrassed to do face to face. Somehow doing it via text gives the sender a sense of boldness and they feel brave enough to send it.

Subtle hints

You could start by dropping subtle hints to your crush about how you feel. A simple wink here and there, extra eye contact made, or even a cute emoji sent via text could be enough. You’ll see if your hints are being interpreted correctly by the way she responds. Make sure you treat her a little different than you would a friend so she can sense what your feelings are. There’s always pressure when telling a crush how you feel so a more subtle approach might get your point across.

Actions speak louder than words

In many instances, you can see how actions really do speak louder than words. Your intentions and feelings can be made known simply by the way you act towards someone. Open doors for her, pull her seat out for her, give her flowers or chocolates when you see her, pay attention to what she likes, and surprise her. Things like this can convey the message of how you feel about her. You’ll be able to see by her reactions if she’s responding to your actions and if she’s getting the message.

How to tell your crush how you feel without actually “telling” her

Confidence is key

Whatever you do, know that if it’s done with confidence then your chances are much higher. If you stutter and mumble every time you see her, yes, she might get the hint that you like her, but your shyness could prevent the relationship from going any further. Be assertive in your actions and don’t be afraid to show her how you feel. If at the end of the day, you’ve shown her in every way possible that you have a crush on her and she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings then it’s ok – you can still hold your head up high knowing that you tried and it just wasn’t meant to be.

Telling your crush how you feel is never easy as we’re all afraid of rejection, but if you don’t put yourself out there you might miss out on something good. You don’t need to blurt it out for her to know how you feel, just show her and let the chips fall where they may.