Why smartphones will never fully replace laptops

It seems that smartphones are taking over our lives every single day. Could you imagine going one day without checking your smartphone? If you’re like us, then the chances are you can’t even imagine one hour let alone 24. However, could you see yourself going a day without your laptop? Sure, that seems a lot more bearable. Although we might be using our personal computers a lot less since our phones became small versions we can carry around in our pocket, there are several reasons why smartphones will never fully replace laptops.

The size difference

We’ll be honest, size matters… When it comes to a screen. Working on a laptop means you can get a much broader view of things compared to a small phone screen. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy 8+ comes with a 6.2-inch display, but that doesn’t mean it can compare to the 12 plus inches we get from a laptop screen. Imagine trying to edit photos or type an entire dissertation on a tiny screen in your hands. Chances are it’s not going to be easy.

The storage space

Now, a lot of our storage is online. Be it up in a personal cloud or somewhere in the galaxy; it’s out there just waiting for us whenever we may need it. However, there are times when we need hard copies of files. Our phones might be brilliant, but they have nowhere near the amount of storage as our laptops. All those photos, tunes, and files need somewhere to live, and it seems as though our laptop takes the prize here once again.

The keyboard – or lack thereof

Of course, one of the most obvious differences between a smartphone and a laptop is the phone’s lack of keyboard. We have become texting ninjas thanks to our years of tapping away on a touchscreen. So does that mean we could use it for everything? Smartphones are great for quick emails or keeping in touch with our friends, but those thousands of words might become that little bit harder without some keys to press. Hand cramp is never kind.

The gaming difference

Our phones are packed full of apps and games that can keep us entertained wherever we are. However, if you want a more graphically pleasing gaming experience, then it looks as though the smartphone will never be able to replace the laptop. Laptops are built with much more powerful processors that can handle the fast-paced graphics of the top games, unlike smartphones. Sure, Candy Crush might look great on your phone, but could you live with just that for the rest of your life?

As much as we love our smartphones, it seems as though we will continue to rely on our laptops, at least for the time being. Who knows what our phones might look like in the future? Maybe we won’t have phones or laptops and be using a brand new form of watch controlled by our mind? But for now, it seems smartphones will never fully replace laptops, and we don’t mind.