These science podcasts will make you smarter

Do you have an interest in scientific matters but struggle to find the time to read up on the latest theories? Maybe your grasp of science isn’t all that great, but you’d like to know more about how it impacts our world. We have taken a listen to many of the best science podcasts around to give you a bunch that’ll help make you feel smarter, while keeping up with the latest science news.

Science Friday

This show is perfect if you want a weekly roundup of all the latest science news. It is hosted by Ira Flatow who just exudes enthusiasm, meaning that you’ll digest everything he is telling you better because he does so in such an energetic and informative manner. It is great for grabbing the latest headlines in science without taking up your whole weekend to listen to.

Flash Forward

If you have an interest in science fiction, then this podcast could be great for you to listen to. The show takes some of the most popular science fiction theories outlining the future of the human race and invites real-life scientists to come and try to explain how they might be feasible. It is perfect if you like to blend fiction and reality while learning something at the same time.

Brains On!

Some might say the best way to learn about something is to go right down to the basics and start from there. Brains On! takes the approach of using a child’s enthusiasm for science to explain some of the questions they might have about the world around them. It is made to be understood by, and features, children but it is also a fun and informative podcast to learn about some of the things that adults might be too afraid to ask. The show allows the children to ask whatever they want, meaning you’ll get to learn a lot about slime and embarrassing bodily functions.

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

If regular science isn’t exciting enough for you, then you might enjoy this fun podcast aimed at sharing the most interesting and strange things the hosts find out about the world each week. The hosts will go out and try to find the most bizarre facts to share with their listeners, topics have ranged from Thomas Jefferson’s strange obsession with giant sloths to what the very first celebrity diet was. They cover a wide range of subjects, and this weekly podcast is only set to get weirder as they add more episodes to their catalog.


This show investigates all of the quirks of the human brain. It looks at our behaviors and how they are influenced by our brains and environments. Aside from the purely psychological discussions they also look at anomalies in people’s minds that occur. They discuss things like a blind man who insists he can see, people who believe they can physically feel other people’s feelings and humans who don’t feel any fear. The show explains how these occur along with many other human behavioral traits and is a must listen if you want to learn more about how our brains work.

These podcasts should help to fill your time for a while, making sure you’ll have plenty of interesting commutes to work for the foreseeable future. They’ll cram your brain so full of information you’ll be spouting random facts to anybody and everybody who will listen to you.