Not just Comic-Con: Geek culture conventions worth checking out

After years of being picked on, it seems like it’s finally cool to be a geek. Some of the biggest films and TV shows around right now are ones we love to nerd out on, and they just keep making more. With geek culture rising out of the ashes, there are so many different conventions available for you to show off your true colors without fear of rejection. It’s no longer just about Comic-Con either. Although it’s still the biggest convention around, there are plenty of smaller ones that are well worth checking out. You won’t regret it.


If you live in the south of the U.S., then Comicpalooza has got you covered. This convention has been around for a decade now and continues to grow in size, with the 2017 event attracting more than 45,000 people. Held in Houston, Texas, Comicpalooza is open to fans of all forms, from video games and science fiction to anime and comics. The most recent convention was host to some of the superhero genre’s budding stars, including Tom Holland and Krysten Ritter who play Spider-Man and Jessica Jones respectively. Comicpalooza usually runs for three days in late spring/early summer, and offers all the activities and merch you’d typically expect from a geek convention.

Not just Comic-Con: Geek culture conventions worth checking out


WonderCon normally happens a little earlier in the year towards the end of March, and can be found at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The convention, which specializes in films and comic books, has moved around a bit since its inception in 1987. It started out in San Francisco before moving to Anaheim, where it’s stayed for the last six years (apart from one year in L.A.). 2018’s WonderCon may not have pulled in many big name actors, but it was full of the writers and artists who brought many of our favorite franchises to life. If you’re a fan of comics and interested in seeing more of what goes on behind the scenes, this is the convention for you.

Walker Stalker Con

Many conventions are designed without any particular franchise in mind, but Walker Stalker Con is a little different. Its primary focus is on “The Walking Dead,” both the comic and TV series, although it does touch on the horror genre as a whole. It’s billed as a very personal convention and is credited as being designed by fans, for fans. Although it’s more specialized than other events, Walker Stalker Con is incredibly popular. More than 250,000 people attend every year, which is likely helped by the fact that they have multiple events across America. You can visit the convention in places like Portland, New Jersey and Orlando, as well as in London. It’s a great place to share your love for the series, and also get up close and personal with your favorite cast members from the show.

Not just Comic-Con: Geek culture conventions worth checking out


For the video game geeks out there, PAX is the perfect convention. With events in Seattle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and more, it’s the best place to get your gaming fix amongst likeminded individuals. Here, you can learn more about titles from both AAA and indie developers, as well as get your gaming on across the show floor. You can also watch, or possibly even get involved in, the Omegathon, where a collection of competitors battle it out across a variety of games and platforms to see who will be victorious. There’s no bias here, so whether you’re a fan of Xbox, SNES, tabletop games or anything else, you’re welcome. PAX has everything a gamer could want, and with so many events throughout the year, it’s likely there will be one near you coming soon.

Us geeks are truly spoilt for choice nowadays. If you’ve always wanted to go to a convention but never knew of what was available, hopefully this has given you something to look forward to. No matter where you go, you’re sure to have an amazing time.