How to make yourself a trivia expert

We’ve all got that one friend who’s a trivia expert. You know the sort, the one who happens to know something about everything. Those people can be really annoying, but aren’t you always secretly kind of impressed with them as well? Well, what if you could be that friend? How would you like to become the trivia expert of the group, even surpassing the friend who has spent years with that mantel?

Well, it’s no real secret that to become a trivia expert, the main thing you need to focus on is improving your knowledge. It’s not just a case of mastering one particular subject or area; to be a true trivia giant, you need a wide-ranging and diverse amount of knowledge. So, a lot of the time, you need to look at how you can become more of a trivia expert, and what it takes to learn new things.

Read the news

The best way of improving your knowledge about anything is to make sure you read the news. There is a wealth of information in newspapers and on websites these days, and that is crucial for broadening your mind. A lot of trivia and general knowledge questions stem from the news so you will find out a lot of information by doing this. There is so much news available at your fingertips as well these days, so you really have no excuse not to do this!

But, don’t make the mistake that most people do of only reading the news from one particular paper, source, or publication. Instead, try to broaden your mind and expand your knowledge by reading different publications and finding out conflicting points of view. This way you will stumble upon new bits of trivia that you may not have found before, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a trivia expert.

Do pub quizzes

If you can, try to make sure you check out and participate in as many pub quizzes as possible. These are an excellent way of pitting your wits against other people, and discovering the answers to questions, you may not have known before. Pub quizzes are an excellent way of finding out about lots of topical information, as well as honing your skills and knowledge that you already have. There is bound to be some sort of pub quiz near to where you’re living, and you should look to participate.

How to make yourself a trivia expert

Watch TV

You also need to try to make sure you watch TV as much as possible. Watch an array of different things, such as drama, documentaries, and sport. And, of course, try to watch as many quiz shows as you can. The idea behind this is to learn and assimilate as much as you can. The secret to becoming a trivia expert is to learn as much as you can about as many different things as you can. Watching TV of any sort can help you to accrue more knowledge and intelligence.

Write about it

Another thing that can really help you to become more of a trivia expert is to write about things. Talking about topical issues, or things you’re passionate about can be really helpful for memorizing and absorbing knowledge. Trivia can be taken from across all areas and topics, so it’s important to do this. By writing about something, you will learn more about it, thus increasing your trivia knowledge.

As you might imagine, there are plenty of ways you can become a trivia expert. These generally involve improving or increasing your knowledge, so you know more about lots of different things. Use the ideas on this post to try to make yourself more of a trivia expert.

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How to make yourself a trivia expert