How to win an argument

Arguments exist for the very reason that often times two people will have opposing ideas that they feel very strongly about.  If you have a wonderful idea it cannot  go very far if you do not know how to convince other people of it’s importance. Debaters who know how to win use the power of reason as well as other persuasive techniques.  If you need to win an argument, try taking some of their methods.

Stay calm

One of the most important techniques in winning an argument is staying calm. No matter how heated the argument may get and how passionate you feel about the topic,  keeping your cool and taking control of your emotions will keep you from losing the argument.


Use facts

Another vital thing to do is using facts to back up your position.  Using facts will prove your point and accurate information is very hard to refute.  Put together in advance all kind of statistics and  surveys in order to support your argument.

Ask questions

Asking questions is a wonderful way to take control of the talk and cause the other person to be caught without much to respond. An example of an ideal question would be ‘do you have any proof of that statement? Hypothetical questions are also very helpful in rendering your opponent without response. And the method goes both ways, you as well should always make sure that what you are saying is logical.

In addition to logic, sometimes adding some emotion can go a long way.  Appealing to motives such as freedom and equality are hard to refute.  Further, most people are so consumed in what they are planning on saying next that they do not listen carefully enough to their opponent. Don’t assume what they will say, listen very closely and pay attention to their flaws. This can only serve your purpose.

Study your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses

You should always be ready to make a good point. Do not argue about everything little thing for no good reason.  Sometimes it is useful to argue with your opponent, but then outweigh their argument with an even better one.  You should study the strengths and weaknesses, as well as beliefs of your opponent. You can exploit them by turning their own arguments on them.  And sometimes, you might have to compromise and have an open mind. In some cases, coming to a compromise is the best way to go.

Do not attack

And just as though they are things you should aim to do, there are also certain things you should consciously avoid doing.  Do not attack your opponent personally, attack the issue at hand, rather than the person themselves. Even if they attack your personal life, you can call this out but do not do it back.


Stay focused

Try also not to get distracted. Your opponent might try to throw in random themes, but be firm. Focusing on your stronger arguments and putting your weaker ones aside is always the best way to go. Using your weaker arguments will only take your case down.

Don’t be rude

It is important to keep in mind that an argument is different than a live debate, and that between two people you need to win the other person over. Being rude will not help, what you are trying to do is create an agreement.