How to flirt with intellectual types

Flirting is one of those crazy things that lies somewhere between science and magic, but, no doubt, some methods work more effectively than others. It all depends on who you’re talking to, but what if that person is an intellectual-type? Perhaps the traditional flirting techniques are too archaic for these intellectuals so you must employ other methods of seduction.

Talk about TV shows

Intellectuals like TV, and, you never know, there is probably a TV show that they’re interested in. While they may enjoy the blushing and flashing of eyelashes, it’s perhaps more practical to try and get to know them, and a great way of doing this is to discover what their on-screen weakness is. It helps to strike up a conversation without seeming too forward, but it will also allow you to talk about mutual interests, showing the other person that you enjoy something thought-provoking too.


Be open and honest

There’s no point in trying to fool them with a fake smile and awkward shuffle; you might as well be open and honest about everything you can. Don’t pretend to enjoy a subject you hate, because down the line they will find out, and the last thing you want is to try and talk about something you have little to no interest in and, eventually, they will discover that you weren’t being honest. Do not feel pressured into saying you enjoy something when you don’t, if you don’t have a single mutual interest, then it’s probably not a relationship worth pursuing.

Have a political debate

While your parents may have told you not to bring politics or religion to the dinner table, it may be just the thing to get your juices flowing. There’s nothing like a good political debate to really highlight whether you are both on the same page, or on enough of the same page to be able to tolerate one another! Either way, it’s a great way of saying to the other person that you’re not afraid of a little intellectual debate.

Body language

Intellectuals are still people, which means they still respond to body language, just like anyone else. Don’t hold back just because you are trying to be mature and responsible; be yourself. But, don’t be afraid to chuck in a little bit of positive body language, like touching their hands while reciting some impressive algebra solutions, or offering a friendly hug.


Give them coffee

Let’s get real; if they are a high-functioning intellectual type, then they are very likely to be very partial to coffee! If you know they’re either studying or working hard either during the day or in the evening, then why not take them some really nice coffee. This will show them that you have paid attention to their lives taken an active interest and even tried supporting and improving their day; it’s a win-win situation. Try and find out what their favorite kind of coffee is too, that will undoubtedly earn you some extra brownie points.

No one can bottle up chemistry, okay, well, maybe some can but we’re talking about that inexplicable chemistry between people, and that’s the first thing you’ll have to work out; whether you have it or not. Once you’re past that, you will be able to use some of these tips to help the relationship along, but remember, don’t force anything; go with the flow and enjoy yourself.