Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

If you own an eCommerce site, you should do everything within your means to keep it out of trouble and ensure it runs smoothly. Think about it this way; while it may seem like a hassle to focus on litigation and preventative measures now, you’ll be saving yourself from financial hardship and legal concerns later. Here are 7 tips to keep you out of deep (legal) water.

Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

Never take anyone else’s code

Society is looking for fairness in all aspects of life, and that includes websites. One of the biggest issues with eCommerce platforms is the ethics behind it. You need to be aware that you should never give your programmers the freedom to do whatever they wish. Doing so will ensure that your site is in trouble, and will shift your focus from growing your business uninterrupted. It is true that many programmers think that taking code from others is perfectly alright. However, it’s unethical, and it’s stealing. So watch out!

Most codes will have a trademark. This let’s you know that you aren’t using untrusted codes. It will also make sure that the code hasn’t been blacklisted. It’s a very smart idea, as it protects you against having security hurdles or issues of theft. Another thing to be aware of is that a security property can be verified in multiple ways, meaning that you need to check before attempting to use it for yourself. The concept of Protection in Programming Languages is great for understanding just what we mean, and can help when determining which type of checking you should be doing.

Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

Full accessibility is key

In many countries, a website has to exist within specific parameters. What that means for the site is that you have to make it accessible for everyone. There have been many acts since the 1990s, and some going as far back as the early ’70s, that specify how a website has to perform, and what it needs to do for the people who use it. If you deviate, you could be facing a shutdown of your site and legal ramifications.

If you’re looking to make your website more ADA and WCAG compliant, then accesiBe is the web platform that you need. It takes mere hours from the time you install it to when it goes live, taking the guesswork out of accessibility. Instead of being weighed down with unnecessary focus on frivolities, this platform is instead devoted to promoting automation while still remaining affordable and tech-friendly. If you’re not convinced, though, don’t just take our word for it. Major corporations — such as BMW, BK, LonelyPlanet, and even Hilton — are also fans of this powerful web platform.

Secure yourself from DDoS attacks

Have you been relying on your anti-virus to guard your site and still found yourself getting hacked? Your computers are probably easily hackable, and sensitive information has been leaking for quite some time. Instead of assuming that one protective measure will help you shield your eCommerce site, look into relying on multiple layers of security to make sure you avoid getting sued.

A DDos attack is an attempt to disrupt the traffic of a server. The attack targets the server by overwhelming its traffic so that it can’t function properly. They can last for long periods of time, and in many cases, for an entire day. Because your network is being attacked, you need a tool that is made for handling these attacks like Cloudfare. Its network has been made specifically to mitigate DDos attacks so that they can’t harm your servers. In addition to this, it has an incredible speed while having the ability to improve your site’s performance. 

Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

Don’t rip off anyone

Your business is unique in how it runs and how it appeals to customers. Technology is evolving, and new ideas are emerging to ensure that each eCommerce site is following the legal protocols it needs to. Unfortunately, many business owners try to take the shortcut and visit competitors’ sites. Doing this daily, they learn trade secrets and intelligence from them. That is one of the fastest ways to get yourself sued. Don’t slack off! Avoid making this mistake and do things the right way.

A verbal agreement isn’t going to cut it here

Written contracts are what you need to avoid the risk of legal trouble. Even a layman knows that people break their word everyday, so instead of making a verbal agreement with someone, type a contract so you have a binding way to ensure you protect your business and yourself. Furthermore, don’t expect people to work with you based on a verbal commitment. If they do, they are not professionals and you have no exit strategy. Got it?

Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

A good name is a second inheritance

A domain name is another basic need for eCommerce. There are thousands to choose from, and you should do everything you can to end up with something that stands out. Make sure that you buy every extension you can, and ensure you have corrected spelling and other errors. By taking the proactive approach, you are protecting yourself and your eCommerce platform. The first step is to get your trademark clearance… and if you can, try to buy all of the domain names at once.

GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and a trusted web host. If you want to buy a domain name, all you need to do is go to this website for a quick purchase. With speed that never lags and great uptime, GoDaddy can really help get the ball rolling for you. 

Own an Ecommerce Site? Here Are 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Sued

You don’t own it

Just because a programmer has written a code for you, doesn’t mean you own it. Far from it actually. The contractor has to assign the ownership of the intellectual and copyrighted materials to you in a written contract. If you don’t have one, they can resell the material to your competitors. And on that note, another concern to be aware of is your employees taking materials with sensitive information home. Never let them do so without a signed agreement, and always have an attorney on retainer!