Most creative job titles in high-tech and why they are important

Your job title is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is what you tell people you do when they ask that inevitable question upon meeting them – “What do you do?” Telling them a job title you are proud of can really help steer the conversation in a positive direction, so the title is important. Secondly, your title is something that allows others to understand what it is that you do, and in certain industries, a job title reflects the level of experience you have. That experience helps you to get a new job or push for more money from your employers. Are you happy with your job title? We are looking at some of the creative job titles in the high tech industry and their importance.


In many ways, our job titles define who we are. Yes, we are all more than just a job, but it can show our commitment to work and our attitudes in general. If you aren’t happy with your job title you might have to ask yourself if it’s because you don’t like your job, the way your life turned out, or because it doesn’t properly describe to people how brilliant you are. Equally, if you love your job title, then that shows that you are doing the right thing for your career at that time and you’ll potentially be happier in your job.

Getting creative

Some tech companies have turned the typical job role on their head thanks to coming up with creative job titles for their staff. An example of a creative title is the ‘Director of First Impressions’ role given to a person working at the front desk, otherwise known as a receptionist. The changing of the job role helps to remove any negative stereotypes and connotations associated with certain jobs. This can help to change the dynamics of the workforce, making it feel less like a top-down run organization and more like one where everyone’s contributions are valued.

We’re all important here

The blurring of lines between job titles helps people treat each other as they would on the outside, as peers. Removing the fear of having a conversation with the CEO as they aren’t seen as the big scary boss anymore helps a company feel more like a family, or group of friends which makes people try and pull together to get things done rather than leaving things to engineering, or IT, or whoever.

It can spell things out

Using a more accurate job title that uses a little creativity to come up with can really make things easier for people outside of work to better understand what your role is within the company. For instance, someone working at the front desk of a hotel with the job title of Hospitality Lead gives the customers an immediate idea about what they can expect from this perfect stranger they are now talking to.

It is argued that you’ll feel less stressed if you have a creative job title. Being called a ‘happiness coordinator’ instead of HR administrator is going to leave a smile on your face when you tell people what your job is and a smile on theirs too. A creative job title itself isn’t going to change your life, but can act as a daily reminder that your job satisfaction comes from the effort you put into your job and the surrounding environment.