The coolest things about being an astronaut

Many children grow up dreaming about becoming an astronaut and being able to fly through space in a space shuttle. They want to see the planets, the stars, and the Earth from a new vantage point and explore the vast unknown. However, the road to becoming an astronaut is not an easy one.

Astronauts undergo intense physical and mental training in order to be cleared for travel in space. These space explorers are expected to keep their cool even in tense situations. A single wrong step taken by an astronaut, no matter how innocuous it may seem, can jeopardize the mission and their teammates’ lives. This means that an intense selection process must occur in order to find those who are best suited for travel in space.

Clearly, not everyone is cut out for the task. Those who get through the grueling selection procedure have a new world of challenges and opportunities waiting for them. An astronaut lives to face new challenges every day, whether in space or on their home planet. Astronauts see, experience, and do things that common people can only read about. In this post, we take a look at some of those incredible things that astronauts get to accomplish.

The coolest things about being an astronaut

Watching the Earth from space

While we can only admire photographs and read about what our home planet looks like from space, astronauts get the opportunity to actually view the blue planet from space with their own eyes as their space shuttle escapes Earth’s gravity. The truly amazing view can sweep anyone off their feet, and is one of the reasons that some people want to become astronauts. The view is forever etched in an astronaut’s memory. For many astronauts, watching Earth from the space is a humbling experience and reminds them of how insignificant we are.

Using cool machines

While astronomical equipment such as Astrolabe, Orrery, and the Nebra sky disc may seem like instruments from the future to a common person, an astronaut uses them on a regular basis. Astronauts use a number of advanced telescopes, whose complex design and functioning can convince common people into believing that the device is some sort of alien technology.

Take off and landing

An astronaut lives to experience the magical moment of leaving and re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. Take off is the moment of truth for astronauts. At that precise moment, they may come to realize their role in the universe’s grand scheme of things. For many astronauts, touch down evokes mixed emotions. On one hand, they feel thrilled to be back home after a successful space mission. On the other hand, the realization that they may never be able to wander in space again may create a void inside them.

The coolest things about being an astronaut

Working with great people

A space center employs some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. An astronaut gets the opportunity to interact with these talents on a regular basis. Even when an astronaut is floating in space, they get the chance to communicate and work with some of the most brilliant people on Earth (and in space), which is nothing less than a huge advantage.