How making eye contact with your baby causes your brainwaves to synchronize

Jamey Levi

There’s something about babies that melts even the most cynical of hearts. They’re so small and ...

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The best destinations for dinosaur lovers

Sara Lei

Despite having gone extinct millions of years ago, dinosaurs still fascinate people today. Enormous ...

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Why we need an hour a day without our phones

Lolla Od

Having a smartphone in the today's world is essential, and they make our lives so much ...

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The most popular Harry Potter costumes

Ethan Reiff

Many Harry Potter fans can’t get enough of their favorite boy wizard and his friends. We talk about ...

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How to help your children in picking their first hobby

Lauren Fazack

We all have hobbies. Whether they’re common hobbies such as playing football, tennis, baking, and ...

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