The benefits of recording music at home

If you are an artist that works with music, it can seem like time in a professional recording studio is the ultimate goal. Many spend a long time saving up to get the opportunity, but sometimes it might not be worth all the money and sacrifice. There are some benefits that can be found by recording at home. So if you are planning on getting some recording done, read on and find out if you might be better going the DIY route.


The most obvious benefit is the cost. When you are hiring out studio space, you are paying for the time, and the fact of the matter is it takes a long time to work on music in order to get the best final product possible. For some new artists, they can spend up to 30 hours on each song, and that can really add up. If you set up your own studio space at home, you only have to pay for your equipment once and you can use it as long as you need, without any imposed time limits. This feeling of freedom may help you improve creatively too as there will be less pressure to get the work done in a certain time frame

Only use what you need

When hiring a studio, you’ll probably end up paying for things you just don’t need. At a big studio, there will be a wide variety of options when it comes to the gear you use, and you will inevitably only use a small amount of what’s available to you. So why pay for things that you just don’t need?


Walking into an unfamiliar space can have a bad effect on your performance. It’s hard not to feel intimidated, and this may end up showing in your work. For some, it might be better to work in your own home where you are comfortable and able to produce your best work. Also, it can be hard to try new things if you feel like your work is being judged by the people you’re working with. If this sounds like you, you might produce better work when you have time and space to yourself.

At your disposal

Often inspiration can strike at the unlikeliest of times. So if you suddenly get the best idea ever at 1 am, there’s nothing to stop you starting the recording process while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Equally, you might have spent a fortune on studio space but on the day, your creative juices just aren’t flowing, everything you work on just sounds wrong, and it just ends up feeling like a waste. Being able to work whenever you want can really help your creative process.

Overall it does come down to personal taste and also sometimes skill level. When you are creating your own work, you need to use the methods that feel most helpful to you as it will reflect on the finished product. Good luck with your next recording!