How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Future Of Beauty

Water-based, strobing, cut crease – all the makeup jargon is enough to make our heads spin. With so many options and methods out there in the beauty world, surely there must be a way to make this easier? Well, it looks as though that answer may be closer than we once thought.

The industry

It’s hard to miss the beauty industry. From supermarkets to cosmetic stores, beauty is everywhere. And with our favorite celebrities bringing out more makeup palettes than we can count (here’s looking at you Kardashians), it seems almost impossible to keep up with the latest trends, let alone what is actually beneficial for us. In fact, the industry is now worth a whopping $445 billion. With the average woman in America spending up to $300,000 on facial products alone in a lifetime, how do we know that we’re spending our money on the right products?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence – or AI – is a machine that can replicate the intelligence of human behavior, or simulate these behaviors in a computer. That may all sound a bit complicated, but it’s an incredible leap in science. Don’t worry; we’re not about to see a computer takeover – at least not yet anyway. It just shows how computers are starting to cover some of the thinking power us humans have to put into the world. Now we have time to go even further in scientific breakthroughs.

Tapping into data

One way that artificial intelligence is affecting the beauty industry is by delving into the thousands of beauty product reviews. The AI works by picking out keywords that have been used in questionnaires and descriptions to piece together any links between product types and their effects on our skin. The company, Proven, then gets customers to take a short survey to describe their skin types and needs. With the answers, they can create a unique product that no longer means one size has to fit all!

Winning skin

Another company using AI to help their clients is Curology. This business works through an app where artificial intelligence is key to helping people fight their acne. After learning all about the person’s history and skin type, the AI works out the perfect custom formula to ensure the person is getting a unique skin care formula. Patients then send update photos to the dermatologists to see how their treatment is coming along. As their needs change, the AI is there to update the formula!

Robotic hair care

Function of Beauty is a hair care company that is now almost entirely run by machines. Users fill in a quiz, so the AI knows what ingredients will best suit your hair. It then puts together a specific formula with almost limitless possibilities of combinations. The difference with this company is that the assembly line is nearly entirely run by robots. The ingredients are mixed and poured into bottles by machines before being packed up and shipped off. Humans do have to play a small role, but there are very few that have to intervene with this incredible use of artificial intelligence.

It looks as though the beauty world is changing more rapidly than once ever seemed possible. With so many advancements it appears as though we will soon have products that suit all our needs all from the comfort of our own home.