17 Reasons Germans Do Everything Better

Ever been to Germany and met a German person? They’re punctual, polite, and they know how to get stuff done. It seems like Germany truly is one of the best countries in Europe (if not the world), but what makes it so great? Let’s take a look at the reasons Germans do everything better.


If you’re from England then you’re probably going to hate us for saying this. However, the Germans really do know how to do football. There has been an ongoing feud between the English and German football teams since the 1966 World Cup.

It’s quite fun to watch the two teams go at each other every four years… The German football leagues are some of the best in the world. As are the fans and the stadiums.

The Cars

Let’s just look at this for a moment. Germany has produced cars such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. To name just a small few. They are easily one of the most successful car manufacturing companies in the world. 

Germany Cars

Vehicles are also one of the biggest exports for the county and one of the reasons they haven’t faced an economic crisis like the rest of the world. If you want a decent car, get it from the Germans.


Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Diane Kruger and many more german women are living proof that Germany is a “leading exporter” of beautiful and talented women…


The Roads

When you make great cars, you know you have to make great roads to go with them. The motorways and roads around Germany are some of the best in the world. They’re well looked after and a pleasure to drive on. Don’t forget you also have the world famous Nurburgring in Germany as well. People travel far and wide to get a couple of hours on this famous bit of road.


Great cars AND great roads, nice work Germany!

The Food

If you haven’t been into a German bakery then you haven’t lived. In fact, if you haven’t tried German food then you haven’t lived either.

bee sting cake

We’re particular fans of Schnitzel and Potato Cakes, as a homely dinnertime treat. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you need their bee sting cake. It’s reason enough to want to pack up all your things and move to Germany. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Culture

There is so much history and culture in Germany, it can make your head spin. It doesn’t matter whether you visit the site of the Berlin Wall or one of the mind-blowing Munich museums, chances are you’re going to feel extremely cultured when you leave. It seems as though the Germans know a thing or two about everything. 

Munich museums

Millions of visitors flock to Germany every single year, just to brush up on their culture and history knowledge.

Public Transport

The Germans have some of the best public transport in the world; no word of a life! Their trains always seem to run on time (we said these guys were punctual) and they’re never overcrowded. In fact, in some cities, there’s a train that goes every two minutes! 

Public Transport

You’ll also find all of their public transport is safe and clean, which makes a nice change from the London Tube or the New York Metro.

The Land

Want to explore the Black Forest? A vast National Park filled with rolling hills and still lakes? Hit the outskirts of practically any German city and you’ll stumble across a genuinely beautiful landscape. There’s something to suit any kind of adventurer in Germany. 

Black Forest germany

Once you’re bored of all the lush greenery, head back into one of the cities for a stark contrast. This really is the country that has a little bit of everything.

The Language

We love the German language! There’s just something so amusing (sorry, guys!) about it. In some respects, a lot of the words sound a lot like English. Only with a German accent. You’ll find that many schools now teach German, due to it being easy to pick up by students. 


Make sure you brush up on your German skills before you visit this incredible European destination. Ich liebe Deutschland!

The Apprenticeships

It may be a bit of an odd thing to find on a list like this, but German apprenticeships are some of the best in the world. They also have the lowest rate of youth unemployment on the planet.


It doesn’t matter what you want to learn, chances are you’ll find an apprenticeship for it in Germany. They also pay their apprentices a decent living wage, which means the youth aren’t just being used as cheap labor.


Want a day just to relax and do absolutely nothing? Many people spend their Sundays doing the washing or cleaning the house. Not in Germany! This is one of the only countries where Sunday is truly the day of rest. In fact, the neighbors will probably complain if you started hoovering on the Sabbath. The only downside is that all the shops will be closed, so make sure you have everything you need!

Sunday In Germany

Worker’s Rights

We’ve already spoken about apprenticeships, but it’s not just the youth who get treated well in employment. Germany has one of the best work ethics in the world, and it could be because of the generous worker’s rights. There’s no trying to exploit people in this country. Everyone gets a fair wage and treated like a real human being; not just a number.


The Playgrounds

You haven’t experienced a playground until you’ve been to a German playground. Kids are guaranteed an awesome upbringing if you live in Germany. Many of the parks and playgrounds have been created by famous designers, to create something that is visually spectacular. While also being a whole lot of fun to play in, obviously. Each playground has rides and attractions that far surpass anything you’d get in the UK or US. We’re jealous!


The Schools

It’s not just all play and no work in Germany. According to various reports, Germany has some of the best education in the world. The literacy and numeracy rates here are far better than the majority of Europe – and the US. Even if many of the schools have rather dubious names (like after Nazi supporters), it hasn’t stopped the kids here getting a great education. Another great reason to move to Germany!


The Property Market

Did you know that most people in Germany rent their property? While that may sound really terrible to some people, it actually works really well for the Germans. Nobody ends up in debt and the rental market ensures the economy is booming. Yet another reason this country seems to do so well in an economic crisis. Landlords are a lot more lenient in Germany than they are in other parts of the world as well. It works for them!

The Property Market

The Supermarkets

If you go to Germany then you have to get a trolley full of shopping at the local supermarket. Just be prepared for a truly mind blowing experience, but not for the reasons you might expect. Yeah the food is cool and there’s some brands you’ve probably never heard of. But that’s not all. It’s all to do with the checkout assistants. They scan products at record speed, turning into some kind of shopping grand prix. Trust us, you need to witness it.



A huge festival dedicated to beer… What could be better than that? If you only get one chance to visit Germany then make sure you do it when Oktoberfest is on; usually at the end of September, beginning of October. The beer tents are free, you just need to fork out for whatever you drink. Be prepared for a lot of amazing tasting beer, plenty of dancing, and some German folk music.


The People

Last, but by no means least, the German people. They may be a funny sort of breed, but they’re some of the greatest people on earth. They’ll always put their towels down at the pool before you in the morning, but they’ll also party with you until late at night. They’re polite, punctual and they know how to have a good time. What more could you need?!