10 things successful runners do before bed

While every runner’s evening rituals all have slight differences, the most serious of runners have one common goal, which is to prepare themselves both physically and mentally for their run the next morning. Here are 10 things that the most successful runners do before bed.

They zone out

Many professional runners spend their evenings distracting themselves with non-running related things. Sometimes, pre-run visualization helps, but runners know that there is a time and place for everything and that over-thinking and stressing too much is simply a waste of their energy and time. Although elite athletes are often seen as super-human, they too like to lay out on the couch and indulge in their favorite TV shows.

10 things successful runners do before bed

They stretch out their kinks

Although runners know that zoning out will help them, they still do not rest completely, even during their down time. Many runners know how to combine recovery methods in their leisure time. Some elites even use foam rollers while watching TV to work their kinks from the day.

They get in touch with their training partners

Professional runners who run over 100 miles a week and also have full-time jobs outside of running do not have so much extra time to spend with family and friends. And that’s exactly why they know how to coordinate well and make these people their training partners. Many runners run with their partners and always organize with them the night before all the details, covering everything from the goal pace, route, weather and meeting time.

They complete their training logs

Every successful runner has a training log that includes their every running plan, as well as every completed run. Some runners also keep track of how their runs went, for example putting smiley faces for good runs and sad faces for harder sessions or rough weather. Professional runners fill out their logs every night before bed and look it over to see how they’ve been doing.

They sleep in their running gear

Every runner who has been on an early-morning run knows that there is nothing worse than frantically looking for your socks and sports bra in the dark. Elites deal with these challenges as well, and also with the temptation to stay in bed when the alarm clock rings at 5 am. But they know to beat these by sleeping in their running clothes. It saves time in the morning, as well as stress and potential for failure.

…Or at least setup everything

Some runners prefer sleeping in comfortable pajamas as opposed to tight running clothes, which is totally alright. But if so, they always make sure to lay out all of their running gear the night before. Not only does it keep them on track, but it also provides them with a sense of comfort knowing that everything will go smoothly in the morning.

They check the weather

Elite runners know that they must always check the weather the night before a morning run.  They not only look for rain, but also how hot it will be, and runners who are training in highly elevated places also have to check the wind, since the mind can be hitting incredibly fast already by the late morning hours. The weather often causes runners to have to start earlier than they had in mind. It usually will not stop serious runners from getting out there, however, it does also affect their attire and gear that they must prepare.

10 things successful runners do before bed

They prepare their fuel

Coffee serves as the best fuel for many runners. And many successful runners want to ensure that everything will be ready for them before they set out to run in the morning, and therefore will fill their coffeemakers with freshly ground coffee.

They spent quality family time

Elite runners need to be seriously focused at all times, if they are not running, then they are thinking and planning how to make their next run as successful as possible. But the most successful runners known that after a certain time of day, they are best off to stop worrying about every little detail and give their time to their family.  They realized the importance of spending unstructured together, and know that the down time and family support is also of utter importance in their running.

They take deep breaths

Many professional runners also have other careers. They are seriously talented people, but they often struggle to disconnect from all of the daily stress of all of their endeavors. Successful runners know that taking deep breaths and taking quiet time for themselves is vital for their well-being.